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Spring term dates:

Jan. 10:17:24:31
Feb. 7:21:28
Mar. 7:14:21:28

Half term 14th Feb

Summer term dates:

April 18:25
May 2:9:16:23
June 6:13:20:27
July 4

Half term: 30th May

Concert: 7pm Sun 14 May 2023 St Cuthbert's Church

Rehearsal programme

10/1 Ross, Beet i
17/1 Ross, Beet i
24/1 Ross, Beet ii
31/1 Fiona Sectionals on Ross then Ross + Chaminade
7/2 Fiona Sectionals then Cham and Beet ii
14/2 Half term: no rehearsal
21/2 Nina Sectionals then Beet i and Ross
28/2 Fiona sectionals then Beethoven iii and Cham
7/3 Beet iii, Rossini, pan pipe Ojos Azules string part
14/3 Nina sectionals then Beet iv (cancelled due to snow)
21/3 Beet iv, string pieces
28/3 Play through whole prog
4+11/4 Easter hols
18/4 Beet ii, Beet iii, Cham and string pieces
25/4 Beet iv and whatever we need
2/5 Whatever we need to do!
9/5 Whole programme

14/5 Concert at St. Cuthbert’s Church. Rehearsals at 4, concert at 7pm