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Sep 13:20:27

Oct 4:11:18 (25th is half term)

Nov 1 at the Memorial Hall with film

Nov 15:22:29

Dec 6:13

Rehearsal schedule:

27/9 *Rossi, Moz 40, Morri, Haydn surp, Hero
4/10 *The Don, Wolves, Schub, Ripsiscorsetsoff, Nidd ii
11/10 The Don, Morri, Rossi and whatever crops up from above
18/10 The whole lot
25/10 Half term
1/11 **The whole lot
6/11 Celebration Concert at the Mem Hall at 4pm. Rehearsal at 1pm
15/11 - 13/12 Following weeks to do Christmas stuff including O Holy Night, and also to try out another overture to replace the Rossini for the March concert.
We shall also try other pieces in readiness for the following year eg Soirees Musicales (Britten).
18/12 Concert - Christmas with the NCO at the Mem Hall at 4pm. rehearsal at 1pm

*first half in wind/strings sections and then all together to do the same pieces
** this rehearsal will be at the Memorial Hall

Please do what you can to have a look at the music before the rehearsal and get rid of all the music we are not doing to save time in rehearsals. Any music you still don’t have . . . let us know!